1st Year Curriculum

Begin at ages 10 to 13 upon registration. Gain access for one year to:

The electronic Educational Platform
E-books on children's entrepreneurship
Professional orientation e-book
On-demand video lessons
Online presentations
Online quizzes

What Students Will Learn:
- Introduction to professional orientation
- Crafting a business profile (portfolio)
- Building an entrepreneurial network
- Utilizing social networks in entrepreneurship

Units and Chapters:
The e-book comprises eight foundational chapters on entrepreneurship (90 pages, downloadable to tablets).

Introduction to Entrepreneurship and the Educational Platform of Kid Startupper

Chapter 1: Introduction to Entrepreneurship and Kid Startupper
Chapter 2: Doing Business with the Help of the Educational Platform

Professional Field (Guidebook)

Chapter-3: My First Steps in the Kid Startupper Educational Platform
Chapter 4: Familiarity with the Environment of the Educational Platform

Internet and entrepreneurship

Chapter-5: Social Networks: Their Relationship with the Kid Startupper Platform
Chapter 6: Connection of Students Interested in Entrepreneurship
Chapter 7: Collaboration Among Students Interested in Entrepreneurship
Chapter 8: Searching for Partners to Create a Project Using Kid Startupper

Pedagogical Value

Developing entrepreneurial traits:
- Initiative-taking
- Resource utilization
- Time management
- Risk assessment
- Continuous evaluation
- Failure acceptance
- Adaptability

Skills and Attitudes Acquired:
- Communication
- Adaptability
- Open-mindedness
- Diversity acceptance
- Cooperation
- Problem-solving
- Initiative
- Option management

Post-Completion Achievements: Upon completing the 1st year, students will:
- Grasp core business concepts
- Identify and develop business ideas
- Appreciate technology's role in entrepreneurship
- Understand collaboration's significance
- Analyze real-life entrepreneurial cases
- Craft their entrepreneurial-professional resumes
- Harness social networks for business
- Forge valuable business connections
- Be prepared for the 2nd year's challenges

Students can seamlessly transition to the more advanced 2nd year, focusing on business creation, promotion, and practical application of entrepreneurial concepts.