2nd Year Curriculum

To advance to the 2nd year, completion of the 1st year is required.

Upon enrollment, access is granted for one year to:

The electronic Educational Platform
E-books on children's entrepreneurship
Professional orientation e-book
On-demand video lessons
Online presentations
Online quizzes
Access to the Business Model Canvas

What Students Will Learn:
- Business creation and development
- Marketing strategies for products or services
- Business promotion

Units and Chapters:
The e-book consists of eight chapters on entrepreneurship (74 pages, downloadable to tablets).

Create Your Business

Chapter 9: The Importance of Pursuing What You Love
Chapter 10: Introduction to Developing a Business

Using the Business Model Canvas

Chapter-11: Location, Design, and Operating Hours of the Business
Chapter 12: Distribution of Products and Services to the Market
Chapter-13: Implementing Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Products or Services
Chapter 14: Creating a Page to Showcase Your Business
Chapter 15: Managing and Editing Your Business Page
Chapter 16: Promoting the Products and Services of Your Business

Pedagogical Value

Fostering entrepreneurial traits:
- Initiative
- Resource utilization
- Time management
- Risk-taking
- Continuous evaluation
- Acceptance of failure

Skills and Attitudes Acquired:
- Communication
- Adaptability
- Open-mindedness
- Diversity acceptance
- Collaboration
- Problem-solving
- Initiative
- Decision-making

Post-Completion Achievements. After completing the 2nd year, students will:
- Appreciate the value of pursuing passions in business
- KUnderstand fundamental business concepts
- Develop business identity and offerings
- Determine business location and operations
- Identify and grow target markets
- Utilize the Business Model Canvas effectively
- Experience online business creation through Kid Startupper
- Be prepared for the final, more challenging cycle

Upon finishing the 2nd cycle, students will delve into advanced entrepreneurial methods, learning from industry giants like Elon Musk and Reed Hastings. They will explore startup business models and study the successes of companies like Tesla, Netflix, Facebook, and KFC. The culmination will involve pitching business plans and seeking funding.