3rd Year Curriculum

To enroll in the 3rd year, completion of the 1st and 2nd years is required.

Upon enrollment, access is granted for one year to:

The electronic Educational Platform
E-books on children's entrepreneurship
Professional orientation e-book
On-demand video courses
Online presentations
Online quizzes
The Business Model Canvas

What Students Will Learn:
- Business management skills
- Aristotle's method of "First Principles" and its application in business
- Insights into the economy and startup companies

Sections and Chapters:
The e-book comprises 11 chapters on entrepreneurship (122 pages, downloadable to tablets).

Manage Your Business

Chapter 17: Serving Consumer-Customers
Chapter 18: Security and Protection: Managing Technology and IT
Chapter-19: Human Resource Management (HRM): Choosing Collaborators
Chapter 20: Values and Ethics: Sharing Your Experiences
The Method of First Principles

Chapter-21: Entrepreneurship and Aristotle: The Method of "First Principles"
Chapter 22: From TESLA and Elon Musk's SpaceX to Your Own Business
Economy and Businesses – Startups

Chapter 23: Finding Financial Resources for Your Business
Chapter 24: Thoughts and Evaluations About Your Business
Chapter 25: Modern Companies "Startups" (Facebook, Instagram, Viber, TikTok)
Chapter 26: Angel Investors and Venture Capitals: What is Pitching
Chapter 27: Creating a Business Plan: Case Study - School Garden
The Example with the Business Plan for the "School Garden"
The Form for the Business Plan

Pedagogical Value

Fostering entrepreneurial characteristics:
- Initiative-taking
- Resource utilization
- Time management
- Risk assessment
- Continuous evaluation
- Acceptance of failure

Skills and Attitudes Acquired:
- Effective communication
- Adaptability
- Open-mindedness
- Diversity acceptance
- Collaboration
- Problem-solving
- Initiative
- Decision-making

Post-Completion Achievements. Upon completing the 3rd year, students will:
- Possess advanced business management techniques
- Excel in customer service
- Implement robust security measures and IT management
- Understand HRM and team building
- Uphold ethical values and foster knowledge exchange
- Apply Aristotle's method to business strategies
- Analyze successful business models like TESLA and SpaceX
- Grasp economic concepts and secure financial resources
- Comprehend the dynamics of modern startups
- Navigate fundraising with Angel Investors and Venture Capitals
- Develop and present a comprehensive business plan

After completing the 3rd and final cycle, students will be exceptionally equipped to make informed decisions about their future endeavors and pursue their aspirations with confidence.