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We're here to support you! At KID STARTUPPER, we value the role of teachers, whom we consider guides and inspirers of learning. Your contribution is invaluable as you foster creativity, innovation, and critical thinking in our students.


Get started with Kid Startupper

Begin your basic training in child entrepreneurship and the educational platform of Kid Startupper.

It includes a basic session lasting 1-2 hours via teleconference, during which you will be trained by the specialized educational staff of KID STARTUPPER. The platforms you can use are:


We offer rich educational material that you can use for every lesson. This includes:

 Lesson plans
 Printable PDF materials

Achieve your educational goals

   Understanding the Business Process

Students must understand the basic elements of the business process, including ideas, planning, financing, production, and advertising.

   Development of Innovation and Creativity Skills
Educators should encourage the development of creativity and innovation, enabling students to generate new ideas and solutions.

   Enhancement of Collaboration Skills
Students need to learn how to collaborate effectively with their peers.

   Understanding Financial Management
Educators should train students in financial resource management, budget creation, and cost calculation (using Business Model Canvas).

   Fostering Entrepreneurial Awareness
Educators should foster entrepreneurial awareness and recognition of opportunities, as well as students' understanding of their role in the business community.


Empowering STEAM Educators and Robotics Instructors

Through the KID STARTUPPER platform, educators in STEAM and educational robotics can take their teaching to the next level. They can instruct children in entrepreneurship and, most importantly, guide them in developing innovative ideas and creations within the STEAM and educational robotics domains, enabling them to establish their first startup business.

Let's grow together

Request a free 1-month trial of Kid Startupper for your educational institution (school, tutoring center, study center, afterschool program, etc.). Offer your students the opportunity to use a new educational technology tool.

Kid Startupper helps all schools of all sizes successfully teach entrepreneurship, accurately achieving all educational goals.

Start today and request a demo on how the platform works and how you can acquire it for your educational center.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can log in using your password and the email you normally use to access the platform.

Once you log in to the training page, select the option 'Schedule a teleconference' and follow the steps to choose the date and time.

Select the lesson you are interested in and click on it to open it or download it if that option is available.

No, currently you cannot upload your own educational material. However, this could be an option in the future as part of an OpenEducation app

If you have been given administrator access to the platform, you can go to the Administrator's control panel and view all the information about your educational center (like: student sections, number of registrations, emails, payments, etc).