Educational Robotics & STEAM

KID STARTUPPER is the world's first educational platform that teaches entrepreneurship to children aged 10-15, using Aristotle's First Principles method. It synergizes perfectly with educational robotics classes, allowing students to develop their innovative ideas and robotic creations, thus creating their first startup business. Educational centers interested in learning more about our program can find additional information on the integration of KID STARTUPPER with educational robotics classes here: KID STARTUPPER & Educational Robotics


We Empower Children to Follow Their Dreams

What does our educational program offer to educational centers:

3-year curriculum for children's entrepreneurship. 28 entrepreneurship classes divided into 3 cycles, utilizing the innovative educational platform of KID STARTUPPER. Students attend our classes for 1 hour per week (40 minutes of class + 5 minutes of questions). Students have access to the platform 7 days a week. We recommend completing the curriculum within 9 months. You can start whenever you wish.

Camps are organized at the conclusion of each school season and throughout the summer, culminating in the grand entrepreneurship competition titled 'Startup Hackathon for Kids'.


Through this innovative educational platform and our program, children can:
- Choose their favorite profession and engage with it for the first time.
- Understand that modern entrepreneurship requires the use of new technologies and recognize their importance.
- Create their first comprehensive professional portfolio (profile).
- Venture into their chosen profession by creating their first digital office, business, or company.
- Seek collaborations for the business they decide to create.
- Search for and find employees for their office or business.
- Seek knowledge and ideas before implementing their plans.
- Share the knowledge they have gained and exchange it with their classmates.

The platform's goal is to help children unfold their talents and showcase their skills in entrepreneurship from a young age. Additionally, it aims to help them discover inclinations towards specific professional fields and develop a love for new areas they may have been unfamiliar with until now.


How Do We Combine Entrepreneurship with Educational Robotics (LEGO, Micro:bit) and STEM?

1) We provide children with the opportunity to explore entrepreneurship and discover its fundamental principles. This enables them to integrate entrepreneurship with educational robotics and STEM, aiming to transform robotic constructions into startup businesses. This combination enriches the educational robotics lesson, making it highly engaging for students and parents alike. Consequently, children are encouraged to think more creatively about their future endeavors.

2) The platform offers an e-book comprising 28 chapters dedicated to entrepreneurship. The primary objective is the STARTUP HACKATHON FOR KIDS competition, where children completing our program can showcase their projects alongside educational robotics and STEM. They will present their business plans and pitch entrepreneurial ideas to teachers, integrating their creations. The most innovative ideas will be recognized and rewarded.

3) The platform empowers all students engaged in educational robotics (LEGO, Micro:bit) to establish a robust online presence and professional profile on the internet.


4) Students who transform their robotic creations into businesses will have the opportunity to promote their ventures online to all students engaged on our platform. This significantly enhances the value of their work in educational robotics classes.

5) Students can interact with each other, gaining insights into the activities of their peers. This feature is valuable for educational centers as well, as they can observe the projects and businesses developed by students in other centers.

6) Educational robotics and STEM centers can collaborate on joint projects with other centers online for the first time.

7) All of the above features are implemented with robust security measures. At KID STARTUPPER, we prioritize the security of our platform users (learn more here).


We constantly invest in our scientific and educational staff:
We continuously invest in the training and education of our teachers, as well as in the implementation of pioneering and innovative practices. For this reason, the educational authors of our books participate in global conferences on entrepreneurship and new technologies. Our platform was designed and perfected after Kid Startupper's participation in the largest global conferences on youth entrepreneurship and new technologies.