Designed to Inspire and Empower Every Student!

Our primary concern is to provide students with a high-level educational program focused on childhood entrepreneurship, along with targeted, innovative educational services in the field of new technologies. To achieve this, we continuously upgrade our platform and educational materials. Our materials include three e-books, totaling 28 chapters on childhood entrepreneurship. We also offer students a guide to current professional sectors and the "business canvas model."

What our educational program offers:

- 28 Chapters on Childhood Entrepreneurship: Utilizing the innovative KID STARTUPPER platform.
- Weekly Classes: Students attend classes for one teaching hour per week (40 minutes of instruction + 5 minutes for questions).
- Flexible Access: Students can access the platform 7 days a week, with classes starting at any time.
- Summer Camps: Schools can optionally organize summer camps at the end of each school period.
- Startup Hackathon for Kids: A competition that awards the best students in the class or school.
- We are committed to inspiring and empowering every student through our comprehensive and innovative educational program.


Through this innovative educational platform and our program, children can:
- Choose their favorite profession and engage with it for the first time.
- Understand that modern entrepreneurship requires the use of new technologies and recognize their importance.
- Create their first comprehensive professional portfolio (profile).
- Venture into their chosen profession by creating their first digital office, business, or company.
- Seek collaborations for the business they decide to create.
- Search for and find employees for their office or business.
- Seek knowledge and ideas before implementing their plans.
- Share the knowledge they have gained and exchange it with their classmates.

Our platform's goal is to help children unfold their talents and showcase their skills in entrepreneurship from a young age. Additionally, it aims to help them discover inclinations towards specific professional fields and develop a love for new areas they may have been unfamiliar with until now.

We continuously invest in the training and development of our scientific and educational staff:

We prioritize the training and education of our teachers, as well as the implementation of pioneering and innovative practices. To this end, the authors of our educational materials participate in global conferences on entrepreneurship and new technologies. Our platform was designed and perfected following Kid Startupper's participation in the largest global conferences on youth entrepreneurship and new technologies.

Examples include:

- First participation:
WEBIT CONFERENCE. This conference spans Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa, focusing on youth entrepreneurship, rapidly growing startups, and new technologies in education. At this event, we presented our platform to Mr. Rahul Sood, CEO of Microsoft Ventures, and Mr. Linus Dahg, Associate Partner of Wellington Partners.


- Second participation:
WEB SUMMIT. This global conference focuses on youth entrepreneurship, rapidly growing startups, and new technologies.
At this event:
- KIDSTARTUPPER participated in a workshop by Google.
- Our platform was presented to Mr. Luigi Lenguito, Sales Director for Information Management (EMEA) at DELL Computers Inc. for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.
- Kid Startupper received visits from Mrs. Celine Parchet, client partner at TWITTER, and Mr. Karthik B. Reddy, managing partner of BLUME VENTURES.
- Additionally, FENOX Venture Capital (Dubai), represented by Mr. Kamal Hassan, visited our platform.




- Third participation:
ENTREDU - Entrepreneurship in education. This seminar was organized by INTRASOFT, SIVECO, INSEAD, and GREEK-GERMAN EDUCATION, under the auspices of the University of Crete, with the participation of educators and schools from across Greece. The main conclusion drawn from the conference was the recognition of the necessity for the existence of an entrepreneurship platform for all students.

- Fourth participation:
ERASMUS E.U. (Innovation in Education) This educational program focused on teaching entrepreneurship in schools and was held in Palermo, Italy. Highlights include:
- Kid Startupper was presented to primary and secondary education teachers from Germany.
- The presentation was attended by university professors from Sweden.
- Both the platform and educational materials (books, handouts, etc.) were showcased.
- Time was dedicated to developing the "method of Aristotle's first principles," which forms the basis of how Kid Startupper teaches entrepreneurship to its students.
- Here is a brief presentation of the event.


- Presentation:
KID STARTUPPER at the Mediterranean College of Thessaloniki. Introducing the groundbreaking educational platform Kid Startupper at the Mediterranean College of Thessaloniki, Greece. To begin the presentation, click here.

- Education Leaders Awards:
KID STARTUPPER is honored at the Education Leaders Awards. KID STARTUPPER received an award in the category of "Youth Entrepreneurship.

- Children's Entrepreneurship Workshop:
Kid Startupper, in collaboration with the University of Children, conducted a workshop at the DPAE University of Kavala. The award-winning online platform is dedicated to developing children's creativity, imagination, and entrepreneurial skills. The workshop aimed to introduce children to entrepreneurship, particularly in the realm of digital entrepreneurship. We extend our gratitude to the University of Kavala and the University of Children for their support.

- 5th International Conference on Educational Innovation:
Kid Startupper was presented at the 5th International Conference on Educational Innovation, organized by the Scientific Association for the Promotion of Educational Innovation (S.A.P.E.I.) in collaboration with the University of Thessaly. The conference received support from various institutions, including the French Institute of Larissa - French Embassy in Greece, the U.S. Embassy in Greece, Teachers for Europe (T4E) Educational Network, Europe Direct, and the Regional Directorate of Primary and Secondary Education of Thessaly. Furthermore, it was conducted under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (Ref. No. 18091/D2/06-02-2019). You can view the entire presentation in Greek here.