Why Should Students Learn Entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship nurtures children's innate creativity, offering them a platform to develop skills crucial for lifelong success. As young entrepreneurs, children not only learn to effectively manage their time and resources but also to channel their imagination into innovative ideas. Engaging in entrepreneurship empowers kids to anticipate market needs and envision solutions, fostering foresight and adaptability. For parents, supporting their children's exploration of entrepreneurship provides an opportunity to instill valuable life skills and encourage creative expression. By creating their own businesses, children enhance their problem-solving abilities and learn the significance of collaboration in achieving goals. Moreover, children's entrepreneurship offers parents a chance to actively participate in their children's educational journey, fostering self-learning and personal growth. Ultimately, entrepreneurship for children is more than just a venture—it's a transformative journey of self-discovery and societal engagement, enriching their understanding of real-world values. Let's inspire children to dream, create, and embark on the thrilling adventure of entrepreneurship.

  • Unlock your potential with entrepreneurship education!
Entrepreneurship education empowers individuals to become proactive and resourceful in pursuing their goals. It provides them with the skills, knowledge, and mindset needed to thrive in various endeavors. Research indicates that individuals with entrepreneurial education are not only better equipped for self-employment but also more attractive to employers.

  • Why is entrepreneurship education important?
Entrepreneurship education plays a pivotal role in fostering a culture of innovation and self-reliance. Studies reveal that students exposed to entrepreneurship education are significantly more likely to venture into their own businesses later in life—up to five times more than their peers who haven't received such education. Furthermore, businesses initiated by these students tend to demonstrate higher levels of ambition and success.

  • How can one learn to be an entrepreneur?
The path to becoming an entrepreneur is paved with hands-on experiences and practical projects. Entrepreneurial skills are best honed through real-life challenges and opportunities for creative problem-solving.

  • Introducing the Entrepreneurship for Kids Program
The Entrepreneurship for Kids Program is a comprehensive curriculum tailored for schools, designed to instill entrepreneurial principles from an early age. Through engaging, hands-on activities, this program aims to equip children with the essential skills and mindset needed for success in both personal and professional pursuits.

Research by Kid Startupper

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Should there be a school subject teaching entrepreneurship to children?

How do you feel about the idea of creating an online platform that teaches entrepreneurship and e-commerce to children aged 10 to 15? Shall we create such a platform?

Starting from September 2021, KID STARTUPPER offers two distinct account options for students. This allows students not only to access entrepreneurship lessons at school but also to engage in these lessons independently from the comfort of their homes.