Introducing an Innovative Curriculum for Your Educational Institution [K-12], Designed for Every Classroom

KID STARTUPPER is an interactive online platform specifically crafted for teaching entrepreneurship to school students. It's accompanied by a high-level curriculum program that fully embodies the concept of 'entrepreneurship in education using new technologies.

The Platform
The innovative educational platform was first introduced at international entrepreneurship and new technology conferences, WEBIT and WEB SUMMIT, in front of technological giants like Google, Microsoft, and DELL. Its design is informed by insights gained from international idea exchange conferences such as TEDTalks, as well as European programs on youth entrepreneurship like AgroWeb - ENTR.EDU E.U - University of Crete.
The platform's analysis, design, and development utilized the most modern programming languages and information technology tools, spanning a process of approximately 4 years. It was presented as part of the Erasmus+ Project to educators from Primary and Secondary education in Germany and Sweden, and showcased at the International Conference on Educational Innovation Promotion by the University of Thessaly. Additionally, it has been honored at the Education Leaders Awards by the University of Western Attica.

We offer an innovative curriculum focusing on entrepreneurship:
Suitable for elementary and middle school students (K12)    

Electronic books on entrepreneurship
Electronic professional orientation book
Business Model Canvas
Online Educational Platform


Educator training (1-hour free internet-based training)
Free technical support via email
The platform is suitable for distance learning:

Free trial of the platform for 1 month (30 days)

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