Frequently Asked Questions

Difficulty in school doesn't mean your child lacks potential; it could show they have a knack for creativity and problem-solving, valuable skills for entrepreneurship. Many successful entrepreneurs faced challenges in school but thrived in business by relying on their creativity, confidence, and ability to tackle new challenges.

Kid entrepreneurship introduces children to the exciting world of business and innovation. Through tailored programs and activities, kids learn the basics of starting, managing, and running their own businesses. They explore concepts like brainstorming ideas, creating products or services, marketing, and managing finances, all in a fun and engaging environment. Kid entrepreneurship programs foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork skills, preparing children for success in both their future careers and personal endeavors.

1. Critical Thinking: Encourages students to think critically and creatively to identify problems and develop innovative solutions.
2. Problem-Solving Skills: Engages students in overcoming challenges and developing effective problem-solving abilities essential for success.
3. Creativity and Innovation: Fosters creativity and innovation by encouraging exploration of new ideas and possibilities.
4. Financial Literacy: Provides hands-on experience in financial concepts like budgeting and investing, preparing students for responsible financial decision-making.
5. Communication and Collaboration: Involves teamwork and collaboration, strengthening communication and interpersonal skills.
6. Resilience and Adaptability: Teaches students to embrace failure as a learning opportunity and adapt to change.
7. Empowerment and Confidence: Encourages initiative, passion pursuit, and belief in one's abilities.
8. Real-World Relevance: Offers practical experience and insights into the economy and society, preparing students for future opportunities and challenges.
9. Ethical Awareness: Promotes ethical behavior and social responsibility.
10. Lifelong Learning: Equips students with a foundation for continuous personal and professional growth.

Preparing our children for the future is a shared concern. This program is designed to equip students with essential entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, ensuring they are ready for the dynamic business landscape ahead. By fostering entrepreneurial and critical thinking abilities, often overlooked in traditional schooling, students gain a valuable competitive edge in their future careers. As Malcolm X famously said, 'The future belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Kid Startupper is a groundbreaking educational platform designed to transform your child's approach to learning and personal growth. Powered by AI technology, it's the first interactive platform dedicated to teaching child entrepreneurship. Tailored for children aged 10-15, Kid Startupper employs Aristotle's "First Principles" method to instill foundational entrepreneurial skills. With a comprehensive range of resources including video lessons, exercises, presentations, and quizzes, children engage in hands-on learning experiences. Not only do students interact with each other on the platform, but they also have the opportunity to create their entrepreneurial network and launch their first virtual business. Invest in your child's future and development with Kid Startupper's innovative entrepreneurship lessons.

Kid Startupper provides a comprehensive entrepreneurship curriculum designed to empower young learners aged 10-15. Here's what our program includes:

-28 engaging entrepreneurship lessons delivered through our innovative educational platform.
-Weekly course sessions, either online from the comfort of home or at partnered educational centers, available 7 days a week.
-Flexible program duration: 3 years for online classes or 5 years for in-person attendance at our partnered centers (schools, tutoring centers, study centers).

Our 5-year study program for "Kid Entrepreneurship" covers the following key areas:

- 1st year: Introduction to professional development, career orientation, and building an entrepreneurial network.
- 2nd year: Business creation, promotion, and brand building.
- 3rd year: Business planning, utilizing Aristotle's "First Principles" method, and refining pitching skills.
- 4th year: E-commerce fundamentals, navigating the global market, and establishing an online shop.
- 5th year: Focus on "Green" entrepreneurship and sustainability practices.

Kid Startupper offers two registration options for students, each tailored to individual preferences:
Attending Lessons in Educational Institutions:
Students have the option to attend lessons at educational institutions such as schools or educational centers. In these settings, experienced teachers conduct lessons in the classroom environment. Students benefit from interactive learning experiences while still having access to Kid Startupper's comprehensive resources, including e-books, presentations, quizzes, and more.
Registering from Home:
Alternatively, students can choose to register from home and access the interactive platform independently. Through video-based learning, students engage with lessons at their own pace, watching instructional videos and utilizing e-books, presentations, quizzes, and other resources conveniently from their own computer or device.

Whichever option you choose, Kid Startupper provides a flexible and engaging learning experience to suit your child's needs and preferences.

Technical requirements:
1) Desktop or laptop computer
2) Reliable internet connection
3) Optional: Headphones for enhanced audio experience

The platform is optimized for desktop or laptop computers and may not be suitable for smartphones. However, you can still use your tablet to download and read e-books or to view quizzes.

At Kid Startupper, ensuring the safety of children is our utmost priority. Discover the measures we take to maintain a high level of security for our students by clicking here.

Yes, digital books are provided for our entrepreneurship courses. Students can download these books upon gaining access to the platform. Additionally, we offer a variety of educational materials including quizzes, presentations, and videos.

Based on our experience, parents typically do not need to be present with their children during the video lessons. However, there may be exceptions, particularly during the first 1-2 lessons, where some students may benefit from a bit of initial assistance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) empowers machines to learn from data, adapt to new information, and perform tasks akin to human capabilities. Our platform harnesses AI technology to analyze student input and provide tailored guidance for creating their business network and developing their virtual enterprise. This becomes especially apparent in the second year of studies, as students embark on building their own businesses.

Gamification enhances the learning experience by incorporating elements such as:
Virtual world
These components are integrated into the educational platform to make learning engaging and interactive for students

Yes, Kid Startupper complements educational robotics courses and STEAM education seamlessly. By integrating with these programs, students can further develop their innovative ideas and robotics skills, paving the way for creating their first startup business. Educational centers interested in learning more about our combined educational program can find additional information here: KID STARTUPPER & Educational Robotics.

Absolutely! Kid Startupper is an innovative platform that integrates childhood entrepreneurship with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It offers an interactive and gamified approach to learning entrepreneurship, which can be especially beneficial for students facing challenges such as ADHD. Through AI technology, Kid Startupper adapts its content to suit each student's needs, creating a personalized learning environment. This tailored approach is crucial for students with ADHD, providing them with the support they need to develop their skills and realize their potential. Moreover, Kid Startupper's interactive features create a stimulating and enjoyable learning environment that encourages participation and creativity. With practical applications, quizzes, workshops, and online presentations, students can explore the world of entrepreneurship while honing their skills. By combining entrepreneurial thinking with tailored support, Kid Startupper aims to enhance the educational journey of every student, including those with ADHD.

Simply contact us to initiate your collaboration with Kid Startupper. Once we begin our collaboration, we will conduct teacher training sessions via video conferencing. Teachers will grant access to the teacher's academy page, where they can easily download the lesson plans for each class.