Embark on a Collaboration with KID STARTUPPER

Transform into a leader in educational innovation

Launching a 'Child Entrepreneurship' study program at your educational center may entail an initial investment, yet the returns are immensely rewarding in the long run.

Structuring a Collaboration with KID STARTUPPER

We offer two distinct collaboration opportunities:

  • 1. Regional Representative
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    As a Regional Representative, you can become an ambassador for the KID STARTUPPER educational platform in your country. Promote our platform within schools nationwide and unlock opportunities for growth and recognition..


  • 2. Local Representative

  • For Cities with Low Population Density: Become our representative in your city by establishing 1, 2, or more educational centers for "Child Entrepreneurship.

    What we offer:

  • Dedicated support from a personal consultant at every stage of the process
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    Our consultants will guide you in developing a robust business strategy for launching your center, attracting clients, and streamlining your operational processes. Additionally, they will promptly address any emerging issues, ensuring smooth operation and success.

  • We Provide Teacher Training
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    Our platform offers skilled instructors to teach entrepreneurship classes for children. Through comprehensive training, we ensure that lessons are not only educational but also captivating and enjoyable for the students, thereby boosting student retention rates at your center.

  • We Offer Marketing Consultation
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    Benefit from our expertise in executing effective advertising campaigns, spanning both online and offline channels. Our services include providing branded graphics, featuring your center on our website, and supplying you with advertising materials.

Is KID STARTUPPER the right choice for you?

YES, if:

you aspire to establish your own venture in the education sector.
you embrace the integration of new technologies in education.
you are driven to positively impact children's lives through educational initiatives.
you are determined to shape a brighter future for children in your city or country.

Embark on a Modern Education Venture

Step into the forefront of contemporary education trends with KID STARTUPPER, where entrepreneurship in schools is revolutionizing learning worldwide. Our dynamic online educational platform is specifically designed to instill entrepreneurial skills in children aged 10 to 15, equipping them with essential 21st-century competencies. At KID STARTUPPER, our passionate team of professionals is dedicated to simplifying, enlivening, and enriching the learning experience. We empower students to thrive in STEM fields, guiding them to transform their ideas into tangible achievements. Through our program, students cultivate critical thinking, presentation prowess, project planning acumen, collaborative spirit, and a myriad of other indispensable skills, poised to shape their future success.

Additional Offerings:

Comprehensive Curriculum: Beyond our online platform, students access e-books, presentations, lab exercises, and educational materials, facilitating seamless in-person or distance learning experiences.
Administrative Ease: KID STARTUPPER provides an intuitive dashboard for educational institutions, enabling efficient management of all student accounts